The Finest Pickup Systems For Bowed String Instruments


A Chinrest-mounted Skyinbow DUO-POWER IIB Power Series Balanced Active Transducer System

Skyinbow Duo-Power IIB Power Series Balanced Active Transducer Systems For Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass are easy-to-install, rechargeable, piezo-based pickup systems that feature electronically-balanced signal paths that run  from their handcrafted Skyinbow bridge-sensing transducers to the output of their miniature Pure Acoustic Duo-Power IIB Power Series preamplifiers.

The Skyinbow Duo-Power IIB’s fully-balanced internal signal path is designed to help prevent noise generated by external electrical and electromagnetic fields from interfering with the system's audio output. The combination of this noise rejection within the signal path and our signature Direct To Ground approach to system shielding ensures that the Skyinbow Duo-Power IIB delivers a strong, clean and clear sound quality that further enhances the microphone-like sonic accuracy and tonal fidelity that Skyinbow Active Transducer Systems are renowned for.

The new Skyinbow Duo-Power IIB Power Series Balanced Active Transducer Systems For Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass are, we believe, the finest-sounding pickup systems available for bowed string instruments.

A Skyinbow Handcrafted Transducer Mounted In A Carpenter-Style Clamp Jack

The Balanced Advantage
The advantage of the Duo-Power IIB Balanced Active Transducer System having a balanced transducer driving into a preamplifier in which both the input and output are balanced is that the system as a whole is inherently resistant to interference from outside electromagnetic and electrical sources. This resistance to interference is further enhanced by Skyinbow Pure Acoustic’s new “Direct to Ground” circuit topology which ensures that any interference that is induced in the copper screens that protect the transducer and its cable is routed directly to system ground, keeping it away from the preamplifier’s audio circuitry entirely.

Connecting a Skyinbow Duo-Power IIB directly to the balanced microphone inputs of a mixing console, audio interface, acoustic amplifier etc. extends the balanced signal path all the way from transducer to microphone preamplifier. This extension allows bowed string players to take full advantage of the system’s enhanced sonic accuracy and tonal fidelity.

When connected via a standard guitar lead to the unbalanced input of an effects pedal, looper, wireless transmitter etc., the Skyinbow Duo-Power IIB's balanced internal signal path and its "Direct To Ground” system shielding continue to reject external electrical interference. As a result, the Duo-Power IIB is capable of delivering a significant increase in performance over competing unbalanced systems. 

When connected to a balanced microphone input, the Skyinbow Duo-Power IIB can be powered either by its onboard rechargeable power source, or by 48V phantom power from the microphone input itself. The system will switch over automatically to using phantom power when available, otherwise it will take power from its onboard rechargeable power source.

When connected to an unbalanced input, the Duo-Power IIB is powered by its onboard rechargeable power source.

The chinrest-mounted Skyinbow Duo-Power IIB Power Series Balanced Active Transducer Systems for Violin and Viola are priced from £239.99 Including UK VAT and Shipping. Full details of these and other system components can be found on the Violin and Viola page on this website.

Skyinbow Duo-Power IIB Power Series Balanced Active Transducer Systems for Cello and Double Bass are priced at £249.99 including UK VAT and Shipping. Full details of these and other system components can be found on the Cello and Double Bass pages on this website.

Non-UK customers will find tax-free export prices for Duo-Power IIB systems for violin, viola, cello and double bass in the Worldwide Webshop on this website. 

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